SHZEN GentleCare Stress Relief Cooling Gel Mask

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This cooling, soothing mask is like first aid for your skin. It brings instant relief to sensitised skin conditions such as redness, inflammation, irritation and sunburn. It also offers intense hydration, locks in moisture, speeds up healing and works to minimise signs of fatigue and puffiness. 


• Cucumber, a natural anti-inflammatory, cools, soothes and tightens skin to reduce puffiness and minimise fine lines. 

• Chamomile, containing high amounts of blue Azulene, a powerful anti-inflammatory, calms and comforts fragile skin, while minimising redness and irritation. 

• Calendula, soothing and healing, relieves irritation and protects delicate skin. 

• Cornflower extract drains excess water, decongests, reduces puffiness and has anti-fatigue benefits. 

• Linden Flower extract strengthens capillaries and improves micro-circulation. 

• St. John’s Wort, a superb anti-inflammatory, calms and cools frazzled skin. 

• Aloe leaf, rehydrating and moisturising, speeds up healing and repair. 

• Lavender, antiseptic and healing, soothes sunburn and relieves discomfort. 

• Rosewood, a cellular regenerator, encourages renewal and rejuvenation. 

• Sandalwood, nourishing and soothing, nurtures dry, sensitive or chapped skin.