SHZEN Menopause Treatment Cream

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This luxurious cream contains essential oils that balance the hormones to bring relief from the symptoms of PMS and menopause. Nourishing plant oils give the cream a luxurious feel and work to nurture and condition skin, while the grounding essentials relieve tension and anxiety, and lift overall mood.

- Wild Yam is a natural source of progesterone.
- Fennel helps to bring relief from menstrual cramps and bloating.
- Clary Sage is the No.1 oil for menopause. It helps to balance hormones, decrease anxiety, improve sleep, reduce hot flushes and fight weight gain.
- Rose Geranium is balancing and harmonising and works to lift the spirits.
- Lavender soothes and calms.
- Soya Bean oil and Shea Butter ensure skin stays nourished, nurtured and conditioned.