SHZEN Satin Smooth Wrinkle Minimiser

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Defy the decades with this breakthrough serum that softens even the deepest wrinkles and brightens skin to restore the radiance of youth.

The Satin Smooth Wrinkle Minimiser is formulated with Osilift, a unique patented ingredient, derived from organic oats, that has an immediate lifting and tensor effect on skin, helping to fill and smooth the appearance of both fine lines and deep wrinkles. This combines with six anti-ageing plant and essential oils.

Wild Rose diminishes scars, lightens and brightens skin, repairs fine lines and is moisturising and softening.

Rosewood is a wonderful anti-ageing essential that promotes cellular regeneration. White Peony root is a powerful antioxidant that repairs, conditions and illuminates skin.

Olive is rich in fatty acids that condition skin, and promote a smoother, softer complexion.

Blackcurrant prevents premature ageing, minimises wrinkles and enhances elasticity.

Geranium tones and tightens skin, minimises scars and stimulates cellular rejuvenation.

Use the serum daily for skin that looks smooth, supple and years younger.