SHZEN SPORT After Sports Massage Oil

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Restore and revive tense and overworked muscles and joints with this soothing massage oil. It’s a 100% natural blend of essential oils chosen for their ability to relieve sore, stiff and aching muscles and joints. Apply it immediately after a workout and let its soothing ingredients bring you instant relief. You’ll also love it’s uplifting earthy, spicy aroma.

  • Arnica activates the metabolism and treats muscle strain or sprains.
  • Black Pepper warms aching muscles and helps to treat bruising.
  • Coriander is a natural analgesic and also helps to fight fatigue.
  • Clove has strong pain-relieving and disinfecting properties.
  • Sandalwood is excellent for treating dry, chapped or inflamed skin.

Apply after exercising, or after a warm bath or shower, to relieve aches and pains.